The Royal Theater - Leading innovation and improvisation at The Royal Theater of Denmark

Christopher Storm Delroy, Liv Kantsø de Wit, Caroline Amalie Sommergaard Helgens & Jakob Groth

Student thesis: Project on Graduate Program


This paper adopts a practice approach to explore, how innovation occurs through improvisation in The Royal Theater of Denmark. Our approach is inductively motivated. This is done by theorizing our key finding themes; innovation process, unpredictability and management. Through Karl E. Weick's theory about continuum for improvisation as well as Nina Bozic’s & Bengt Köping Olsson’s theory on enabling spaces and emergent innovation. The research is conducted through a single case study. The analysis relies on one pilot-interview and three semi-structured interviews of managers in the administration and the artistic departments. Through the analysis it is established that the economic and artistic approach understand innovation differently. The economic approach perceives innovation as a classic incremental process where the artistic approach to a greater extent, speaks of established conditions for emergent innovation to occur. We find that the paradox between a tight framework and the artistic freedom, supports an enabling space where improvisation and unpredictability, leads to emergent innovation and radical change in The Royal Theatre of Denmark.

EducationsEconomics and Business Administration, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date24 May 2019
Number of pages43
SupervisorsElena Tavella