Det ideelle læringsrum

Shila Heiberg, Nadialil Siff Petersen, Malte Vilain & Søren Hincke Friis

Student thesis: Termpaper


The purpose for this specific assignment is to draw a picture of how to establish and integrate the best possible learning environment for students today. The environment is designed to change young people's perception of their own worth and value and motivates them to be part of a com¬mu¬nity based on expanding academic and social competences in order to take a higher education or to get a job. To establish this environment we need a theoretical insight therefore we will integrate our theory choices and through the Grounded theory approach we will inaugurate the reader in our thoughts about what we are experiencing a motivating learning environment to accommodate. In accordance with our choice of method and analytical approach, we have built the written assign¬ment and chose to base our collected empirical knowledge that we have collected throughout five interviews at a production school in the northern part of Copenhagen. The recruiting of participants for our interviews was established fairly quickly in the process. It was agreed over the phone that we entered into collaboration with young people from the text workshop. The assignment is hereby built around the themes that recurred in the empirical material, learning method, authority, community and the development of the youngsters. To explain, clarify and understand how a transformative process occurs or is underway, we used Knud Illeris. To understand language as a specific tool and a social phenomenon, we used Vivien Burr. To gain insight into the individual's identity concept and team dynamics, we have used Richard Jenkins.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Programme in Humanities, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date21 May 2013
SupervisorsLars Petersen


  • Transformation
  • Læring