Design suggestions for sustainability label

Regitze Monica Hansen & Rikke Luther

Student thesis: Basic Project


This project is made by the students Regitze Monica Hansen, and Rikke Luther from the institute of Humanities and Technology at Roskilde University. Throughout this project the group has worked towards answering the question, on which actors and companies have an influence on the construction of a design proposal. The design proposal was constructed with the methods: ethnographic method, life cycle assessment, and research Through Design. There were also gathered empirical material, with the Quantitative method- Interview. These methods have helped the group to understand their design proposal, how it works in real life, and how other people and businesses evaluated the design proposal.
The empirical framework in this project Is put together by literature studies, and qualitative Interview from key actors and consumers.

From the study the group has been able to conclude, that the criteria of a sustainability label in the clothing industry requires, a transition of the dominating socio-technical system in all parts of the industry, is focusing on supportive capacity building. It is concluded, that an implementation of a sustainability label is possible, but that the fashion companies lack in incentive to use a sustainability label, in the clothing industry.

A pressure from (f)actors in the socio-technical system, either on the landscape or niche level of the industry, is essential to increase the diffusion of a sustainability label. It demands from partners, transparency in the different parts of the industry, and the need and access to the necessary capacity are some of the key (f)actors, that this project and study the group has made, have an influence on the diffusion.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Program in Humanistisk-Technology, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date15 Dec 2018
Number of pages42
SupervisorsBente Kjærgård