Where vanilla grows

Anna-Dora Randrup Maron, Ian Dinic Falkendorf, Simon Brun Andersen & Morten Billeskov Jensen

Student thesis: Project on Graduate Program


This project is concerned with how colonial power relations gets reproduced through the exotic representation of the other, as it appears in the nostalgic context of the danish sugar product “Vanila” by Tørsleffs. Through the use of Svetlana Boyms concepts on restorative and reflective nostalgia, we find that Tørsleffs nostalgic contextualization of “The vanilla man” can be thought of as being a symptom of a so-called white innocent danish selv-perception. A concept formulated by theorist Gloria Wekker. The project is framed around theorist Ann Laura Stolers concepts on colonial afasia and the colonial archive. Through an examination of the colonial archive concerning the historical context and representation of “The Vanila man”, we have expanded the postcolonial vocabulary, in an attempt to relieve the colonial aphasia, as it is appears in danish society today. In our reading of the colonial archive we find that, danish society will need give up its white innocent self-perception, if it wishes to avoid the reproduction of colonial power relations.

EducationsCultural Encounter, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date27 May 2018
Number of pages64
SupervisorsLars Jensen