Depressionsforeningen - Et casestudie i projektledelse: Depressionsforeningen - A casestudy in project management

Jesper Keller, [No Value] Mikkel, Natasja Hansen, [No Value] Isabella, Dilan Dag, Rupinder Kaur, Tuba Yalcin, Ayse Tasdelen & [No Value] Gul

Student thesis: Termpaper


This project examines the Danish association Depressionsforeningen and the campaigns “#DepressionSucks” and “#HeltGak”. This project is written as a case study in collaboration with the Depressionsforeningen employee, David Bastholm. The project concerns the challenges regarding their development of their campaigns, how these problems occurred and suggestions on how to solve these challenges. These campaigns’s purpose is to enlighten the Danish people about depression and other mental illnesses, which are very common these days, such as anxiety and bipolar disorder1. This project will focus on project management and which tools that can help with the challenges that occurred regarding the two campaigns. In order to gain insight in the Depressionsforening’s work methods and how the association works as part of their development of the campaigns, there will be used several motivational theories and two different work tools which are part of the project management book, by Larson and Gray. In relation to these campaigns, this project will highlight the challenges regarding employee satisfaction and how the different motivation theories can help improve the employee's motivation towards their work. This project concludes that the association, in order to gain full funding for the campaigns, should improve on their ability to fundraise. On a final notice there will be a discussion on how the association’s campaigns can be reorganized, in order to avoid the challenges.

EducationsBusiness Economics, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Undergraduate or graduate
Publication date30 Jun 2016
SupervisorsFlemming Bahner


  • projektledelse
  • Motivation