Den provokerende kunst og den personlige udvikling

Jonas Kielland, Mads Kieler, Alberte Askgaard, Stine Schmidt, Therese Nürnberg, Pernille Germansen, Laurits Hilding & Signe Søgaard

Student thesis: Termpaper


Abstract This study investigates provocative art and the reactions provocative art creates. The study is focused on qualitative interviews based on Marco Evaristti’s work of art Helena exhibited at Trapholt in the year of 2000. The differences in the viewer’s reactions to art are widespread and will be investigated through historical and psychological methods. The study concludes that provocative art changes shape through the historical period presented in the project. The work is based on Irwin D. Yalom’s theory on existential psychology and Anna Freud’s theory on defense mechanisms to illuminate the psychological processes of the individual. The study can lead to the assumption that humans use defense mechanisms to avoid subjects they find difficult to handle. The project isn’t able to conclude whether the experience with provocative art can contribute to a personal development or not. The works of art has shown themes, which according to Yalom’s theory can lead to personal development through confrontation and reflection.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Programme in Humanities, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date14 Jan 2013
SupervisorsBjarne Sode Funch


  • Den personlige udvikling
  • Provokerende kunst