Den asociale københavner

Thomas Laumark Hansen, Jensen Asbjerg, Freya Cæcilia, Sonny Mike Olsen, Natasha Engelbrecht Nielsen, Ninja Staksberg & Hergeir Ási

Student thesis: Termpaper


We have decided to build our project around a performance. A performance in which we try to determine just how private people from Copenhagen have gotten when they are interacting with the public environment. The question herein lies; have people from Copenhagen gotten too private in public? To answer this question, and to support our performance, we have outlined several theories regarding privacy in public. Our focus in this regard, has been on theorist like Kenneth Gergen, Erving Goffman, Jonathan Pitches and Harold Garfinkel, whose theories we have applied to our performance results. From this we have deduced, that we as individuals in a postmodern society have been influenced by the constantly evolving technology. According to our own hypothesis, this evolvement has had a negative effect on our society, because our physical interactions in public have been substantially lessened. Our observations in this regard have shown us that people choose to hide behind their Smartphone’s rather than talk to each other in, for example, a train or a bus. They do this, not only to shelter themselves from reality, but also because they do not want to disturb anyone else in public. Through our analysis of the different theories, and the application of those theories in our discussion, we have concluded that this is a postmodern phenomenon. We saw a clear generational and cultural difference depending on who we talked to or observed, where the younger populace seems way more taken with the ever evolving technologies (Smartphone’s, social media etc.), and the older generation were much more inclined to interact with people in public. From this we conclude, that we can confirm our hypothesis about how private people from Copenhagen are in public, but since we are not talking about a social norm, we cannot say they have gotten too private.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Programme in Humanities, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date17 Jun 2015


  • Copenhagen
  • Public Space
  • Social Media
  • Performance
  • Experiments