De 17 Verdensmål i Børnehøjde - en undersøgelse af Verdenstimen

Line Emilie Balle Jensen, Kamilla Tugger Nielsen & Svea Krukow

Student thesis: Project on Graduate Program



This project examines the influence of global and cosmopolitan ideas on children.
We investigate Verdenstimen, an education program that aims to teach children about the UN´s Global Goals for Sustainable Development. To achieve this, we’ve interviewed four children from a Danish public school, that have participated in Verdenstimen. With Michel Foucault as ‘grand theory’ we use the understandings of Arjun Appadurai and Thomas S. Popkewitz to theorize globalization and cosmopolitanism.
Through an analysis of Verdenstimen and our interview, we find a complex relationship between ideas of globalization, cosmopolitanism and childrens conceptions of the world and the part they play in it. We conclude that Verdenstimen is influenced by ideas of globalization and cosmopolitanism and that these have influences the childrens narrative about the world. At the end we problematize the responsibility Verdenstimen leaves the children with. Futhermore we problematize the western ideas of development, that we see as dominant in Verdenstimen.

EducationsEducational Studies, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date20 Dec 2016
Number of pages56
SupervisorsUlla Ambrosius Madsen