Josephine Søgaard Andersen, Mohammed Saleh & Amphon Phoruen

Student thesis: Termpaper


This paper deals with authentication. To understand authentication, we have explored two-factor authentication, which is a security process where the user provide two means of identification. We also explore fingerprint as a biometric identification system. We have built a simple program in Processing as a benchmark for potential developers that can be used for further development of fingerprint recognition software. Our program can authenticate a user either by entering the username and password or by using color recognition. This basic program could be developed further for usage in conjunction with biometric data, such as fingerprint scanning. We have concluded that fingerprints are the most secure biometric method and that fingerprints have become gradually more accepted for private usage. Through our tests we verify that our program can be used for further development of a fingerprint recognition system, given that developers can easily replace or add code to the program itself.

EducationsComputer Science, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Undergraduate or graduate
Publication date1 Jan 2014
SupervisorsNiels Jørgensen


  • it sikkerhed
  • autentifikation
  • it-sikkerhed
  • to faktor autentificering
  • multi faktor autentificering
  • Datasikkerhed
  • autentificering
  • authentication