Danmarks rolle i bekæmpelsen af terror

Claus Mikkelsen Findinge, Hans Erik Hansen, Lene Ankjær Jensen, Florence Nabankema & Michael Krogh Villumsen

Student thesis: Termpaper


The basis of this project is to examine how the Danish security politics have developed since the terror attacks on 9/11 as due to the articulation of terrorism that was created thereof. The project directs its focus towards the institutional changes that the security politics have undergone since 9/11 and the level of changes that are current. Within the theoretical framework, we use Laclau and Mouffes theory of discourse, as it is useful in relation to how to analyse the way that terrorism has been articulated. In addition we use John W. Kingdons theoretical perspectives about agenda setting in order to analyse how the security politics after 9/11 have become a high-prioritised issue on the agenda of security politics. As a third theory we apply Peter Halls reflections about institutional change to analyse the level of changes that the Danish security politics have undergone since 9/11. The empirical knowledge used partially consists of sources about the historical background af security politics, and documents that relate to the current understanding of security politics.

Educations, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Undergraduate or graduate
Publication date28 Jan 2009
SupervisorsJohan Fischer


  • terrorism,security politics, Denmark, 9/11