Private Party Support in Denmark

Lasse Junker Lauritzen, Victor Aagreen Thøgersen, Andreas Brøgger Svane, Thor Esper Elbrønd & Martine Sakstrup Glavind

Student thesis: Basic Project


This project is based on the main subject: “Power, Elites and Classes”. Based on this the topic of the assignment was limited to the subject: “Private Economic Party Support”.
The project informs the reader about the former rules regarding private party support, which is the basis for the passing of the legislative change called L 198. This legislative chance was supposed to promote transparency in regards to the party support. The project has, based on expert interviews and analytic tools, researched the effects of L 198 and especially what effect it has had on the party’s legitimacy and the democratic model of polyarchy at work in Denmark. The project concludes that the lack of transparency had a positive and negative influence on the danish polyarchy and was also damaging for the legitimacy of the parties. L 198 had a minimal influence on the level of transparency in party support. The project concludes that this is due to the fact that some parties did not wish to chance the current conditions of the system, since this could have an effect on the party’s current financial state. If the level of transparency increases it could have the effect that some contributors would cease to donate financial aid.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Program in Social Science, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date19 Dec 2017
Number of pages47
SupervisorsPernille Boye Koch