Corporate Social Responsibility in Coop

Ulrikke Bjerre Henriksen, Nikoline Clausen Norking & Anja-Mai Liljedahl

Student thesis: Subject Module Project


The purpose of this paper is to investigate how Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the inclusion of stakeholders in strategic initiatives takes place in the company of Coop. Through social-constructivism scientific theory perspective, as well as through theory and gathered empiry, the thesis is answered through the paper's analysis section. The paper has an abductive approach, incorporating Carrolls understanding of CSR, supported by Garriga and Melé’s theory on the differentiation of different schools of CSR as well as Mitchell, Wood and Angles understanding of Stakeholder Salience, introduced through Freemans understanding of Stakeholder theory. It is concluded, that Coop performs a broad range of CSR-initiatives though there exist different understandings of CSR internally in the company. it is also concluded, that Coop legally could improve, as they have received several annotations on their work environment constellations though it is also discovered, that the company is on the forefront of expected future laws, and make an effort to push through laws of chemicals in food and packaging. Further it is concluded, that Coop need to pay attention to as well as include certain groups of their stakeholders in strategic planning of their CSR-strategy forthgoing, and that Coop is aware of this and are working toward improving the ways through where their stakeholders can connect with and impact the company’s strategic initiatives.

EducationsEconomics and Business Administration, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date18 Dec 2018
Number of pages60
SupervisorsSameer Ahmad Azizi