Coonardoo: The Well in the Shadow - A Postcolonial Literary Analysis

Rachel Overgaard Muln├Žs

Student thesis: Termpaper


Language has immense power. It frames the lens of reason through which we comprehend the world around us, and we describe it through this language. However, not all can harness that power, and the knowledge behind defines this world. This project enlightens the limita-tions and manipulations of language, we otherwise do not question; rhetorical and metaphor-ical patterns of thought behind descriptions of what we do not know. It focuses on a novel published first in 1929, written by a white female author seeking to break new ground on con-troversial literature of her era, by writing about the aborigine people of North West Australia, specifically a young black woman and her life at the station of Wytaliba. The project reveals an inherent rhetorical ambiguity in the novel, when it comes to representation of aborigine culture compared to Australian culture, and analyses this ambiguity through metaphorical and rhetorical criticism with the purpose of concluding whether or not the novel can be said to have a positive or negative influence on the race and gender controversies of Australia.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Programme in Humanities, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date12 Jan 2016
SupervisorsFlemming Finn Hansen


  • Gender, race, literary analysis, postcolonial studies