Celebrity Chef, Luxury & Ethical Eating.

Virginia Ines Catena

Student thesis: Bachelor project


This project explores through Critical Discourse Analysis the subjects of ethical eating and luxury, within the context of Dan Barber’s book “The Third Plate: Fieldnotes on the future of Food”(2014). The analysis section is structured in three main sections: Narrating produce, the chef and ethical consumption and lastly it explores Barbers ideas on food choices and taste. The analysis section is supported by Bourdieu’s notion of Cultural Capital, Habitus, The taste of Luxury and Necessity. Furthermore, Johnston & Baumann’s “Foodies: Democracy and Distinction in the Gourmet Foodscape”(2010) plays a central role in unpacking the discousess regarding the politics of eating that Barber reproduces in his book referred to as “Win, win” Logic.

EducationsCultural Encounter, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Bachelor
Publication date17 Dec 2018
SupervisorsLinda Lapiņa


  • Dan Barber
  • fine dining
  • foodie
  • food
  • The third plate
  • cultural capital
  • taste of luxury
  • CDA