Carlsberg's Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting: Communicating by using tools to minimise scepticism

Kelly Poulsen, Sippora Louise Angela Pattiiha, Klaudia Tobiasz & Antonia Stensborg

Student thesis: Termpaper


In this project we have tried to see how Carlsberg - as our case company - addresses the challenges that contribute to scepticism in communicating Corporate Social Responsibility activities to consumers and the general public. In order to do it, we have identified the tools that cope with minimising sceptical reception. Hereafter, have we used these tools to look at our data - the company’s 2013 CSR Report. The purpose of this process was to investigate whether these tools could be identified in Carlsberg’s CSR report and can contribute to minimising scepticism. Moreover, our general theoretical background is based on strategic communication, stakeholder theory and triple bottom line. CSR conceptualizations, reporting strategies and approaches to paradox and scepticism relate to the CSR phenomenon aim at approaching the analysis of Carlsberg’s CSR Report.

EducationsCommunication Studies, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Undergraduate or graduate
Publication date2 Jun 2014
SupervisorsMira C. Skadegård


  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Communication