Brugervenlighed i udviklingen af en mobil applikation

Christoffer Langhoff, Angutimmarik Qaavigaq Møller Kardel & Martin B. Pedersen

Student thesis: Termpaper


The purpose of this project is to study which pros and cons the use of semi-structured interviews has. Semi-structured interviewing is the method used to test the usability in iterative development of the mobile application developed for this project. Perceived usability and situational usability have been chosen as the images of usability in order to examine the pros and cons. Vertical prototyping has been selected as the iterative development method. The advantage of using semi-structured interviews in user involvement, for this usability focused project, is that points of criticism which, the users find relevant are discovered. The disadvantage is that the same points of criticism may appear repeatedly. Due to potential repetition it is necessary to sort the criticism afterwards. By the use of semi-structured interviews the conclusion is that user involvement increases the usability of a mobile application. The argument is that users who test the mobile application before its released have an active part in shaping the mobile application developed.

EducationsInformatic, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Basic
Publication date18 Dec 2012
SupervisorsBenedicte Fleron


  • Applikation
  • Brugervenlighed