Branding og individforståelser

Maia Daniella Andersen, Esben Siegl Hansen, Christoffer Thenning Kolding, Christian Skou Larsen, Frederikke Amalie Jensen & Oliver Alexander Strube

Student thesis: Termpaper


This assignment revolves around branding. We seek to investigate how different understandings of individuals affect the way branding is developed and conducted. To do this it has been a necessity for us to have knowledge about the topic. Although there are several ways of understanding the concept of branding we have chosen to rely on the way Claus Buhl perceives it. Buhl’s understanding contains two different branding approaches; branding 1.0 and branding 2.0. These approaches are based on two different ways of addressing the individual and this leads to our wonderment regarding how these different ways of understanding the individual will influencejhui branding approaches. Through the analysis we have learned that this depends on the general focus points within the specific way of understanding the individual which lies in the particular branding approach. We have furthermore learned how branding can be considered through different psychological perspectives. Through our discussion we have learned how branding through a social constructionist perspective can contribute to forming new perceptions of reality. Finally we have learned how branding potentially is capable of influencing individuals negatively.

EducationsPsychology, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Undergraduate or graduate
Publication date15 Dec 2014
SupervisorsMikka Lene Pers Højholt


  • Branding, Individual, Consumer, Business, Needs, Strategies, Social Constructivism, Hermeneutics, Branding 1.0, Branding 2.0, Hierarchy of Needs, Buhl, Maslow, Gergen, Storytelling, Narratives.