Biodiversity in the City; High Nature Quality & Richness of Species in Urban Spaces & Private Gardens - A problem oriented innovation process

Julie Stjerneby Hvid

Student thesis: Project on Graduate Program


Purpose: The main aim throughout this paper is to document the entrepreneurial process of my startup company. The paper reflects the first stages of operation in which I develop the product or service I offer due to market demands. The purpose of the startup venture is to contribute to national biodiversity planning through a democratization of the biodiversity crisis, found on national and global levels, through empowerment planning processes which seeks to increase the acting capacity on an individual level with the main purpose being influencing the societal structure and culture. The venture start out as a retail plant nursery specialized in species original to the Danish landscape. Through a customer development process the company becomes a consultancy for municipalities and city development projects to increase biodiversity in urban spaces.
Methods: The research is based in an innovation procedural approach where startup methods such as Business Model Canvas is applied to systematically test the hypothesis of the entrepreneurial venture through interviews and customer development.
Theory: The theory revolves predominantly around complexity planning and Frank Geels theory of sociotechnical regimes and the multi-level model. This provides an insight in technological transitions and how innovation can be used in the endeavor of sustainable conversion. Additionally, the venture is placed in a probelmbased context in which the biodiversity crisis and biodiversity planning is explored.
Findings: The paper concludes that barriers in the private market will prevent the plant nursery from succeeding. The barriers identified is based in misleading discourses and a lack of proper terminology about the nature of plants native to Danish landscapes. The findings point to a general lack of knowledge and willingness to participate among the people participating in the research. Another barrier is the high cost of establishing and operating the venture. The venture then transform into a consultancy which specialises in the increase of biodiversity in urban spaces, where public managed area can serve as an example and inspiration to rest of society. The strategic goal with this approach is to establish a solid terminology and a positive discourse regarding the use of native species as a aesthetic and beneficial element in designed outdoor settings.

EducationsGeography, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) GraduatePlanning Studies, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date3 Jan 2018
Number of pages388
SupervisorsJohn Andersen