Cars, something we share?

Daniel Vainer Wegloop, Rasmus Falck Villadsen, Ida Højrup Petersen, Sofie Banke Poulsen & David Harvey Simpson

Student thesis: Basic Project


Climate changes demand that we change our ways of living. One of the changes often discussed is our methods of transportation and the dominant position of the private car and associated pollution. This project investigates the possibility of establishing an electrical car-sharing concept primarily targeted at university students, because they as a segment are less settled in their habits compared to older generations. The project describes and investigates the feasibility of the innovative concept as a solution to the lack of sustainable transport alternatives for the future. The method of the project is inductive and the analysis is mainly based on focus group interviews with university students and economic data from experts in the electric vehicle market. A part of the focus in the project is sustainable transition and the electrical car-sharing concept is therefore analysed as an niche based on Frank Geels’ Transition Theory. The focus group interviews are analyzed primarily using Actor Network Theory, developed by Bruno Latour. The project concludes that the electrical car-sharing concept can be defined as a niche and that it cannot be financially sustainable only with students as users. Furthermore, our ANT analysis identified translations that must occur between actants to establish the electrical car-sharing concept as a stable actant-network, and to thus successfully implement such a scheme. Finally, the project concludes that whether or not the electrical car is a sustainable method of transportation specially depends on the future methods of car- and battery production and a changeover to fossil-free power generation.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Program in Social Science, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date2019
SupervisorsCristina C. Landt