Betingelser og barrierer for innovation: sammenhænge mellem offentlige lederes sociale og professionelle position og subjektive dispositioner omkring innovation

Mikkel Wittenburg Petersen

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis studies the connection between public managers’ objective social and professional positions and their subjective dispositions towards innovation. The thesis takes on an explorative approach employing multiple correspondence analysis (MCA) to make visible important patterns in a questionnaire survey conducted in relation to the CLIPS project. The analysis shows an evident homology between a number of manager characteristics (such as management level and the number of prior manager positions) and the managers’ views on innovation. On the basis of the MCA a hypothesis is formulated: the leadership capital and the leadership experience of the leaders affect their so-called innovation capital (index constructed from three questions about the managers’ views on their own innovation ability). The hypothesis is tested using multiple linear regression. Thus, an objective with this thesis is also to combine two different statistical paradigms: geometric data modeling and OLS regression modeling. The association between the dependent variable, innovation capital, and the independent variables is weak, with an R square of 0,085. The model shows a statistical significant, positive relationship between the dependent variable and the following explanatory variables: management level, number of prior manager positions, completed manager education, age and educational level. Finally, I shortly discuss how the results from the two statistical analyses conducted in this thesis may have an impact on the possibilities for innovation in the public sector.

Educations, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date5 Aug 2013
SupervisorsTroels Schultz Larsen


  • Innovation
  • Statistik