Beach Boys at Zanzibar - A critical psychological analysis of the Beach Boy Praxis: A critical psychological analysis of the Beach Boy Praxis

Anne-Sophie Bomann Samuelsen, Freja Katrine Balle, Ida Strandby Braae & Mathilde Korch

Student thesis: Project on Graduate Program


This paper examines the conduct of everyday life of the Beach Boys living at Zanzibar. The purpose is to analyze and illustrate how the men’s relations to the female tourists, local women and other local men affect their capacity of acting. We seek to examine how these Beach Boys perform and position themselves when they act and interact with different types of women and men in The Beach Boy Praxis. In order to answer the question to our project: “How do local men perform and position themselves when they interact with female tourists, local women and each other in The Beach Boy Praxis at Zanzibar, and how does this affect their capacity of acting?” we include Critical Psychology and the theoretical term first-person perspective when we seek to explore how the two Beach Boys, Remy and Dom, structure their lives and experience The Beach Boy Praxis. Furthermore we include an analysis of how the two Beach Boys express themselves, when talking about their own and other local men’s relations to women. When using Critical Psychology we investigate if, and how, the Beach Boys feel, that their capacity of acting is restricted or expanding. Furthermore this project takes part in Post-structuralism and the theoretical term performative acts to examine how Beach Boys act when they interact with others in The Beach Boy Praxis. This project concludes that the actions of Beach Boys are limited at Zanzibar, but if they manage to position themselves in a relationship with a female tourist, they have the opportunity to expand their capacity of acting, as a result of financial support from these women. This helps the Beach Boys to climb the social hierarchy at Zanzibar. As a result of this, the local women are somewhat excluded from The Beach Boy Praxis, since they are not capable of offering the same assets as female tourists, which seems to make them ‘unattractive’ to the local Beach Boys.

EducationsPsychology, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date20 May 2019
Number of pages76
SupervisorsMichelle Sabrine Steinmüller