Basque Nationalism

Sandra Liñán, Raquel Moreno & Virginie Lawson

Student thesis: Termpaper


In our project we talk about the Basque Country and its hard history fighting for the independency from Spain. For years, the mostly Basque people have had a strong feeling of separatism to Spain because they think that Spain is dominating them and don’t allow them be free in their own “Country”. From this, they started their fight against Spain. Even was created a terrorist group which don’t include at the whole Basque Country, but is supported by a lot of them. This group is ETA, who has killed so many people for years, until its last “cease-fire” the 20th of October of 2011. But nothing is a sure thing with them. In our theoretical chapter we talk about Benedict Anderson and Frantz Fanon. The first one explains his point of view about nationalism, and the second one talks about terrorism and the fight. And we have three working question where we talk about the reasons of Basque Country why they have this fight, about ETA and about the solutions or actions are done by the Spanish government to finish with this big problem.

Educations, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Undergraduate or graduate
Publication date31 May 2012
SupervisorsPreben Kaarsholm


  • Nationalism
  • Terrorism