Børns rettethed: Et empirisk studie af vuggestuebørns muligheder for at forfølge egne initiativer i den daginstitutionelle hverdag

Camilla Hvolbøll Andreasen & Malene Hornbæk Pedersen

Student thesis: Termpaper


This dissertation is an interdisciplinary study covering Educational studies and Psychology. With a focus on small children’s intentionality and the child’s opportunities to follow its intentional acts in the everyday life of daycare, this dissertation takes an offset in the understanding of the child as a subject as well as socially constructed. The epistemology of this dissertation has required a combined theoretical position, why we create a link between the Ethnographic methods, the Phenomenological understanding of everyday life, Interactionist inspired understandings and the Social constructionist and Post Structuralist theories. Through fieldwork – including observation from a here-and-now children’s perspective and qualitative interviews – we have found that young children in daycare particularly orient themselves towards four aspects: Body and movement, Social relations, Presence and care and immersion. Furthermore we have been able to see how the children’s possibilities to follow their intentionality must be seen as conditioned by the logics established within daycare, the pedagogical practice and structure, the discursive perception of the child, the children’s individual strategies for social negotiation and the institutional conditions.

EducationsEducational Studies, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Undergraduate or graduate
Publication date2 Sep 2013
SupervisorsJan Kampmann & Maja Røn-Larsen


  • Daginstitution
  • Børneperspektiv