Børneopdragelse i senmoderniteten

Josefine Havn, Mathilde Korch, Luna Bak Christensen, Lasse Hedegaard Nielsen & Siff Carlsen

Student thesis: Termpaper


This paper examines the concept of curling parents and service children and in relation to the conditions of bringing up a child in the late modern society. Curling parents and service children is a highly discussed topic, described as a phenomenon where parents “clear the way” for their children. Later in their life this background is inhibiting them when facing challenges. Through the analysis, using the method “What is the problem represented to be?” by Carol Bacchi, it was possible to investigate the problems represented in the book “Curling-forældre & Service-børn - en debat om vort nye børnesyn” by Bent Hougaard. The analysis uncovered Hougaard’s view on the problems and his perspective of the debate. Furthermore, the chosen theory, by Anthony Giddens, Lars Dencik, Per Schultz Jørgensen and Dion Sommer, allowed a discussion of the relation between kindergarten and preschools responsibility in the contrary to the families’ responsibility of bringing up a child in the late modern society. The discussion also includes an opponent opinion to Hougaard to surface a second perspective. In addition, our theory was connected to Hougaard’s statements discussing his arguments and connecting them to the challenges and conditions of bringing up a child in the late modern society. The paper concludes that Hougaard’s perspective is relevant in the debate, but is neglecting some perspective, such as the development of the society, which leads to the present structure of society. The conclusion furthermore includes that political changes is needed to fulfill the responsibility of bringing up the young generation. It also concludes that the curling phenomenon can not be generalized on a whole generation but there is still individual curling children existing.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Programme in Humanities, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date26 May 2016
SupervisorsKurt Bendix-Olsen


  • curlingbørn
  • curlingforældre
  • børneopdragelse
  • senmodernitet