Børn af alkoholikere

Nadia Christiansen, Pi Oines Voigt, Isabelle Bidstrup Knudsen & Agnete Bach Sørensen

Student thesis: Subject Module Project


This paper examines how two different theories of science - post-structuralism and the psychodynamics - can shed light on how the social and personal development is affected in children of alcoholic parents.
A book consisting of ten interviews with adults who experienced growing up with at least one alcoholic parent was analyzed and interpreted using the analytical method of meaning condensation. Three themes were chosen based on this: relationships, self-image and recurrent patterns and resilience. For the analysis theories representing both post-structuralism and the psychodynamics were applied. These theories consist primarily of narrative theory and attachment theory. Subsequently, pros and cons of the used theories and methods were discussed.
Based on the research it is concluded that the ontological bases of the aforementioned theories shed different light on the topic which provides a more well-rounded look on how children of alcoholic parents are affected both on a social and personal level.

EducationsPsychology, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Bachelor
Publication date19 Dec 2016
Number of pages72
SupervisorsKarl-Henrik Jørgensen