Autenticitet & stedsspecificitet på UHØRT festival 2015

Kasper Bruun Vindum Brandt, Anne-Sophie Andresen, Joakim Christensen, Rikke Dandanell, Sindre Håker Sørensen & Rikke Kjærgaard Sørensen

Student thesis: Termpaper


This thesis describes and analyses a design and construction process of a walkman and mixtape installation for UHØRT festival 2015. Through the design and construction this thesis seeks to uncover the installation’s ability to lift the visual and aesthetic expression of UHØRT festival. The thesis includes Kevin Lynch’s thoughts on city planning as a background, which is based on a number of expectations of which behavioural patterns it calls on. This is supported by a selection of design principles from Lidwell et. al.’s Universal Principles of Design. The thesis uncovers how the installation can be bound to UHØRT festival by explaining its qualities through Miwon Kwon’s interpretation of the site specific. Furthermore, the authenticity of the installation is explained with Jørgen Dehs’ text, in which three perspectives on authenticity are expound. The thesis bases part of its suggested solutions on an analysis of the installation’s functions through practice. The thesis finally concludes which instruments can be applied in order to attach the walkman installation to UHØRT festival in a site specific context, and how it can be constructed to acquire certain behavioural patterns.

EducationsPerformance-design, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Undergraduate or graduate
Publication date15 Jun 2015
SupervisorsUlrik Schmidt


  • stedsspecificitet
  • festival
  • design
  • installation
  • autenticitet