ATP's arrival in Copenhagen Airports

Mikkel Enig Maach Hansen, Mathias Madvig Østerbye, Emil Boje Ruberg, Kasper Løndal Nielsen & Kees Kevin Olsen

Student thesis: Bachelor project


The purpose of the Bachelor thesis is to investigate which strategic ownership role and position, ATP as co-owner, will occur In Copenhagen Airports. An ownership that is already characterized by the state as active co-owner and influent. The project's main focus will therefore be on ATP as the new investor, the focus of which will be Copenhagen Airport and the State. The Bachelor project will carry out research to specify which stakeholders that are in correspondence to Copenhagen Airport. These stakeholders are placed with emphasis on power and their level of interest towards the airport.
Furthermore the focus will be on analyzing the interests of ATP. More specific, the investment in Copenhagen Airports. This will be followed up by an analysis on how ATP relies on the ownership relationship existing at Copenhagen Airports. The purpose of this
element is to determine which ownership role ATP positions themselves within in regards to the ownership of Copenhagen Airports.
The aforementioned will form the basis of a discussion that will help assess how the cooperation between ATP and the Government are influencing Copenhagen Airport. this will be supplemented by interviews with experts, which will be a focal point for explaining the possible conflicts and benefits of government-private cooperation. In addition, it will also be discussed whether the strategic provisions in Copenhagen Airports can affect the socio-economic development of the City of Copenhagen, as well as Denmark.

The thesis concludes that ATP will manage the investment in Copenhagen Airports through an “active ownership”. The ownership between ATP and the government has a major impact on how Copenhagen Airports is going to be managed. Furthermore, it also impacts the Danish society. This is assessed both from the overall significance of the airport that concerns Danish aviation, the state’s financial and resource contribution, as well as the ATP’s financial involvement as Denmark’s largest pension company.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Program in Social Science, (Bachelor Programme) Bachelor
Publication date19 Dec 2017
Number of pages58
SupervisorsFlemming Bahner