Meaningful Work: Professional Pride and Joyful Work with Interactive Technologies in Municipal Rehabilitation

Lone Victoria Schumann

Student thesis: Master thesis


Meaningful Work: Professional Pride and Joyful Work with Interactive Technologies in Municipal Rehabilitation?
Jobs in the Danish health sector are affected by technological change these years, including munici-pal rehabilitation practices. These changes lead to both euphoria and concern regarding the effects of this. This thesis adopts a third position, examining how working with interactive technologies affects professional pride and joyful work for professionals in rehabilitation of geriatric citizens.
Drawing on an actor-network-perspective and the concept of ‘silent work’, I have conducted a fieldwork among professionals working with geriatric citizens in municipal rehabilitation practices. The results are based on two weeks of fieldwork, using qualitative interviews and a ‘participant as observer’ perspective. This thesis suggest that working with interactive technologies is meaningful, producing professional pride and joyful work for professionals. The professionals are invited to arrange the interactive technologies as learning labs by the ‘scripts’ of the technology. Here every-day situations can be zoomed in, leading to professional pride and joyful work, especially for pro-fessionals working with citizens, having trouble balancing. Also, the responsibility for reminding the citizens to stay active during training sessions is delegated to these technologies. At the same time the professionals have to work around these technologies in order to ‘getting the job done’. The workaround and silent work call for systematic reflection in order to prime professionals for analyzing the impacts of working with technologies in rehabilitation.
Meaning - professional pride - joyful work – workaround – rehabilitation – interactive technology – silent work

EducationsHealth Promotion and Health Strategies, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date25 Jun 2018
SupervisorsKatia Dupret & Peter Busch-Jensen