Anerkendelse og dømmekraft i folkeskolen - En kritisk analyse af lærerens arbejdsvilkår

Lasse Kjær

Student thesis: Termpaper


This project is a critical study of primary school teachers’ working environment. It focuses on how the school as an institution characterized by a political judgement in the form of liberal discourses based on utility-oriented performance management. This in order to criticize how the new institutional conditions have deteriorated the teacher’s opportunities to be valued for his professional qualities and commitment to work. The project's theoretical base is grounded in Axel Honneth theory of recognition and his negative study-strategy in which social pathologies is seen as the seeds to moral progress. Hereby analyzed how specific political demands for increased quantitative documentation and evaluation removes the focus from the human ethical values and creates barriers to the recognition of the teacher in practice, which increases the risk of emergence of psychical disorders such as stress, burnout and depression.

Educations, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Undergraduate or graduate
Publication date21 Jan 2010
SupervisorsSøren Juul


  • Axel
  • stress
  • proffesion
  • dømmekraft
  • anerkndendelse
  • folkeskolen
  • arbejdsmiljø
  • Kjær
  • lærere
  • professionalisme
  • NPM
  • Lasse
  • liberalisme
  • relationsprofession
  • krav
  • arbejdsvilkår
  • skolepolitik
  • lærer
  • folkeskole
  • Honneth