An exploration of how Leadership training can influence local women to be capable.

Mira Nepali Sunar, Kabita Maharjan, Kristina Shrestha & Chhahara Mainali

Student thesis: Master programme paper


The main intention of this report is to know about how an organization influences woman to stand for themselves and involves them for the betterment of society. In our finding, we have seen that the technique they are using to involve women and girls is so motivating. They are gaining mission through different citizen and attracting them by performing different events and programs is very interesting. They have been using the citizen as participatory. They use them as active stakeholders. And the participants get satisfied form the work they have been doing for society and for themselves where they can use their time and effort. And from the definition given by many scholars, it is one of the best ways of a social process. Further, we have also used the concept of capability theory and leadership theory.

The main purpose of using these theories is to get an answer to our problem formulation. From the above theoretical background, we have analyzed our empirical data. And later we have concluded our report by giving a short conclusion to end the research process.

EducationsMaster of Social Entrepreneurship and Management, (Master) Master
Publication date18 Dec 2018
Number of pages65
SupervisorsKenneth Hansen