An Assessment of the Critiques of Interest Groups Operating Within the European Parliament

Mads Pliniussen & Jens Erfurt Nielsen

Student thesis: Subject Module Project


This paper, emphasizes the critiques concerning interest groups working inside the European Parliament. Based on this critique, it is considered whether or not there is reason to suggest changes inside the parliament, regarding interest group representation. As such, this will be done by looking into several critiques posed by scholars, consisting of unequal representation, lack of transparency, lacking guidelines and informal politics. A comprehensive analysis is conducted on how accurate these critiques concerning lobbying activities inside the European Parliament have been. The flows of the critique will thus be considered as well, in order to achieve a solid and reliable examination of the topic. Furthermore, the analysis conducted on lobbying in the European Parliament will be put into perspective to national parliaments such as the United States and countries in Europe. This enables the authors of this paper to make an even more accurate examination of the current status quo. Finally, the purpose is to end up with an objective assessment on the necessity of further improvements inside the European Parliament. This conduct is based on the fact that the number of interest groups working inside the European Parliament has increased significantly. However, it seems as scholars have tended to focus primarily on the commission rather than the European parliament. Thus, it is considered important by the authors to examine this topic in more depth.

EducationsInternational Studies, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Bachelor
Publication date16 Dec 2017
Number of pages41
SupervisorsKristian Lau Nielsen