Gustav Thillemann Packness, Torsten Cordes, Karina Hansen, Buster Folmer Kristensen & Jesper Lynggaard Rosenmejer Nielsen

Student thesis: Basic Project


This study examines the far right movement, Alt-right, who have transformed from an internet-niche to a movement with political influence in the last couple of years. The study analyses their use of symbols through semiotic theories by Charles Sanders Peirce, Søren Kjørup and Roland Barthes. It compares the methodology of the book The Authoritarian Personality from 1950 with the 2017 study A Psychological Profile of the Alt-right to determine which methods are needed to understand the movement. It concludes that the Alt-right movement are using a mix of already existing symbols and signs, in order to obscure their political agenda by changing the conventions behind the signs. The study finally concludes that the behaviour and attitude of the members of the Alt-right, can be mapped by using direct questions instead of ones that appeal to the unconscious mind.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Programme in Humanities, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date18 Dec 2017
SupervisorsFlemming Finn Hansen