Aktivisten, journalisten og professoren - et casestudie af meningsdanneres adfærd i medierne

Julie Holst Ramsby, Josefine Emilie Fjelstervang & Katrine Foldager Stokbro

Student thesis: Project on Graduate Program


The following assignment investigates the behaviour of three prominent Danish public influencers on the three social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We strive towards answering the thesis: How does the public influencers Emma Holten, Svend Brinkmann and Abdel Aziz Mahmoud use social media, and which part does the established media play in their positions as public influencers? Holten is a young feminist activist, and our analysis has shown that she, due to her age, appeals to a younger audience than the two others, why Instagram is the media in which she gains the most popularity. She uses mediated authenticity on all platforms to maintain a great deal of trustworthiness, which is the reason she always comes about as her public private self. Abdel Aziz Mahmoud is a journalist who understands how to act on the different platforms – he shows a more private site of himself on Instagram, which is the only media on which he does that to such great an extend. On Twitter he is very active and political, even though his profession should keep him from making direct political statements. He uses the Palestinian heritage of his family strategically in the making of his profile work to show an example of good integration. Svend Brinkmann is a professor in psychology, which he is not afraid to let his audience know – however, he always uses humour and irony to comment on his opponents opinions, and also, like Mahmoud, steps out of his professional role doing that. All three public influencers use the established media strategically to continue the profile work and gain ethos – at the same time, the media gains ethos from their popularity. However, it is always important for citizens to remain critical towards the popular influences and the press, when people gain as widespread an influence as our three case persons do.

EducationsDanish, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date30 Dec 2017
Supervisorserik svendsen