Agil IT-udvikling i et lille team, Udvikling og test med Scrum og agile principper

Rasmus Pries-Heje & Anders Olsen

Student thesis: Termpaper


In this Master Thesis we answer the question: How can Scrum be used in a small two person team to develop an IT solution, and through testing ensure that the IT solution is ready for release? To answer this question we first have gathered and summarized state-of-the-art literature about the use of Scrum and other agile techniques in small teams. Further, we have summarized how development and testing should be done in an agile team. Second, we have conducted our own case-study in a small Danish company called Whitebox. This company carries out assessments - e.g. of maturity using the CMMI model - and we have developed some of the IT tools they are going to use. For the development we formed a Scrum team of two people ourselves. We carried out five sprints (iterations) with an average length of two weeks. In relation to the sprints we performed agile testing to ensure the quality that Whitebox wanted in their tools. After the five sprints we have analysed what the difference is between what the existing research literature says about Scrum in small teams and our own case-study results. The result of this analysis enabled us to answer our research question. The main differences we found between an ordinary team and a two person team was that the individual has to take on more roles; that some artefacts such as burndown charts become less relevant; that it is possible to combine activities that would be separate in ordinary scrum; and that it is important to focus on testing from the very first sprint to achieve the quality asked for through agile testing. Finally, we describe some unexpected findings from our case-study that warrants further study to answer if these findings are uniquely specific to our two man Scrum team, or are something that is generic for all Scrum teams or all two man Scrum teams?

EducationsInformatic, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Basic
Publication date29 Jun 2015
SupervisorsMorten Rhiger & Niels Christian Juul


  • test in agile teams
  • small agile teams