Afideologisering - Vor tids ideologi: De-ideologisation – The ideology of our time?

Hans Skaarup Larsen, Mette Knoth Sørensen, Jakob Herskind, Christel Helene Knutz & Christoffer Buster Reinhardt

Student thesis: Termpaper


Ideology is an ever-important topic to discuss due to its elusive, yet always present nature. Within this paper a suggested concept - referred to as de-ideologisation; the decay of ideology from the conscious decision-making in politics and of voters- is discussed. The paper explains firstly where this de-ideologisation is noticeable in the Danish society and secondly examines and analyzes examples of structural modification and empirical results. This analysis demonstrates why and how voters and politicians have changed. These observations coupled with the theories of Downs, Habermas, Lyotard, and Althusser results in a hypothesis on the nature of de-ideologisation in Denmark. The paper then discusses whether the concept of de-ideologisation understood as science above ideology and subjectivity can be refered to as an ideology in itself. We conclude from this discussion, which is based upon our definition of ideology and our theory of de-ideologisation - that a paradox exists between whether de-ideologisation can be described as an ideology.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Program in Social Science, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date21 Dec 2011
SupervisorsSteen Bergendorff


  • Afideologisering