Affaldsplanlægning i CPH

Nynne Louise Bach & Troels Karlskov Jensen

Student thesis: Termpaper


This is a case study of waste management in the company CPH, who is responsible for operating and developing Copenhagen Airport. The recycling level of waste from the waste system operated by CPH was only 17 % in 2013. The low level of recycling is an overall result of non-contemporary waste facilities, a lack of superior guidelines and cooperation between actors of the waste system. This project seeks to develop a sustainable waste management strategy for CPH both to address the issues related to todays waste handling and to infuse new productive customs for waste handling in the airport. The project concludes that a sustainable waste management can be gained through the incorporation of three pivotal principles in a waste strategy: Strategic, involving and resource efficient. A waste management strategy must be strategic to structure the plan and operationalize the vision into goals and initiatives. An involving waste management strategy secures coordination between key actors and that the actors involved follow a common vision and understanding. A resource efficient waste management strategy is crucial to ensure that waste is regarded as resources, which can be reused in new production lines. This implies furthermore a circular economic perspective on waste, which provides both environmental and financial benefits. The sustainable waste management strategy will be presented for CPH in spring 2015 and with possibilities of implementation after the strategy has been revised and approved by the company.

EducationsTekSam - Technological and Socio-Economic Planning, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Undergraduate or graduate
Publication date23 Jan 2014
SupervisorsBente Kjærgård


  • Affald
  • bæredygtig
  • Casestudie
  • Affaldsplanlægning
  • involverende
  • Integrated Design Process
  • Waste management
  • Copenhagen Airports
  • Strategisk planlægning
  • ressourceeffektiv
  • Circular Economy
  • CPH
  • Københavns Lufthavn
  • Sustainable