Affaldshåndtering i københavnske boligkarreer

Christina Krogh, Andreas Kuhnel, Josephina Flyvholm-Kristensen, Amalie Skov & Sally Betzer

Student thesis: Termpaper


This paper seeks to investigate the degree of correct waste management in the residential complexes of Copenhagen. The Danish Government has trough a resource plan, put forward a goal to reach 50% recycling of household waste on a national level. This is pursued through the campaign, “Genbrug er Guld” which seeks to change how people perceive waste, to think of it as a resource rather than trash. This project investigates the success of this campaign, by the examination of two extreme cases. A case of a troubled courtyard in Nørrebro and a functioning one in Vesterbro. These two cases are held up against each other, to recognize which factors are necessary in order to reach the target set forward by the Danish government. The waste sector is analysed as a socio-technical system, to understand how changes towards being environmentally sustainable are adapted in to the system. Likewise, there is a desire to understand how sustainable behaviour is affected by these socio-technical changes. The overall findings of this project is that social interaction in combination with better facilities for waste management is needed in order to change the behaviour of citizens to an extent that will fulfil the government’s target.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Program in Humanistisk-Technology, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date6 Jun 2014
SupervisorsMartin Severin Frandsen


  • Affaldssortering
  • Waste