ADHD: Somewhere between "Bimle bamle" and normal: -

Mike Sabroe Nielsen, Emma Ella Petersen, Annie Hedegaard, Clara Kathrine Nordenlund Christiansen & Jacob Ladefoged Nielsen

Student thesis: Basic Project


This project seeks to examine and problematize how being diagnosed with ADHD affects the identity and narrative of the diagnosed. It examines two ADHD-diagnosed individuals and how being diagnosed with ADHD has influenced their views of themselves and how they construct their narratives. By combining theories on stigmatization, representation and ‘the other’, this paper wishes to examine and explain how being diagnosed with ADHD affects the everyday life of the diagnosed individual when it comes to the risk of being stigmatized, along with constructing an identity and narrative in social contexts.
Both individuals had always felt different from everyone else whereas being diagnosed with ADHD served as an explanation and relief for both. Their diagnoses not only serve to clarify their own self perception but have also given them a number of tools that allow them to function within social contexts, which were previously problematic for them due to their otherwise deviant behavior.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Program in Social Science, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date18 Dec 2017
Number of pages41
SupervisorsAndreas Hagedorn Krogh