A blockchain based matching function for labour markets: FINDING PRODUCTIVE WORKERS IN ASYMMETRIC MARKETS

Veeraganesh Thondapu

Student thesis: Master thesis


Purpose of the Study: This thesis aims to investigate Danish labour market for signs of segregation and opportunities. Finally, a proposal of block-chain based matchmaking model using SME’s as a backdrop for high job turnover in the labour market.
Design/Methodology of Thesis: A combination of quantitative secondary data and qualitative data in the form of interviews are used to explore and get insights into Danish labour market. A block-chain based matchmaking model proposed to parties for feedback.
Findings of the Study: The study shows Danish labour market is a competitive market. However, non-ethnic Danes and immigrants find hurdles when trying to enter specific sectors of the job market. A particular set of signals places importance on one's employability in the Danish market with a combination of investment in human capital around high growth and less crowded sectors. The proposed model was received relatively with some suggestions and concerns.
Practical implications: This study based on labour economics with exclusive coverage on Danish labour market gives insights for disadvantaged groups to fine tune their marketability by sending signals perceived to be employable and invest in human capital around areas of the industry that have fewer entry barriers. Finally, the proposed matchmaking model finds an application of blockchain to the labour market.
Contribution/Value: The undertaken research contributes and adds value to Danish labour market studies and highlights some of the unique market conditions for non-ethnic Danes, at the same time highlights some of the anomalies. The proposed model contributes by taking a different approach to diversity and emphasise shared interests that could bring diverse groups together to work on common goals.
Keywords: Danish labour market, Blockchain Technology, Discrimination, Signaling, Labour Economics

EducationsEconomics and Business Administration, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date1 Jun 2018
SupervisorsJohannes Kabderian Dreyer


  • Danish labour market
  • Labour Economics
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Signaling
  • Discrimination