Åbenhed og forskansning

Gregers Kirkegaard, Andrea Ladegaard Marchsteiner & Christoffer Bagge Paaschburg

Student thesis: Termpaper


This project will, through the creation of an experimental performance installation, seek to redefine the perception of a place and the social norms applied to it. By creating an audio/visual art installation at the lake area of Roskilde University, and combining it with a party curated by established groups of student party organizers, we seek to occupy an area not usually used for social gatherings, and transform it into a theatrical parallel universe. This we will argue will create a space for the students to immerse themselves in with all of their senses. The design will consist of both interactive installations and curated performances, all of which will be aesthetically inspired by artistic expressions related to 1980’s Berlin and the fall of the Berlin Wall. The process of designing this installation will be retrospectively analyzed through theories on the construction of site-specific theatrical spaces and audience involvement in a performance installation. Our hopes are that the theatrical redefinition of the space will challenge the perception of the physical location as well as the social structures at the university, which will allow for redefinitions of social norms and make for a perceptive acquisition of the area for the students. As this project is written before the actual event has taken place, the main focus of the analysis will be on the development of a prototype, and the process of re-designing and incorporating it into a cultural event developed by the student party organizers. Therefore, the analysis of this project will be constructed around a model based on the principles of Design Based Research to document and critically reflect upon the process of designing this performance installation. The project will conclude that our performance installation has successfully incorporated theoretical principles for constructing a theatrical space, and that the prototype has been largely met with the apparent support of student organizers. Therefore we see our installation as positively implemented into another form of cultural event, and as having the potential to establish an immersive theatrical space for the students.

EducationsPerformance-design, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Undergraduate or graduate
Publication date26 May 2014


  • Berlinmuren