Vertical + horizontal unlimited: The emerging forms of new cinematic experience

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    The movie theatre has largely been unchanged since its very start. Still people are sitting in front of a large white screen looking at images projected from a traditional film projector. However, as movie and movie making becomes increasingly digitized and a vast array of distributed media is available, new forms of cinematic experience are emerging. This presentation aims to inspire to new ideas by giving a brief introduction to recent international research in new cinematic forms taking a few examples from the MIT Media Lab in Boston - from interactive cinema to media fabrics - and The Future Lab in Linz , Austria - fully immersive large scale VR-opera - and move on to present two Danish experiments: The first Danish example is the interactive, virtual reality theater performance "Oracle", developed at the VR Media Lab at the Aalborg University in Northern Denmark , the second is the computer sports performance "Otopia" developed at Performance-design at The Roskilde University just north of Copenhagen for the annual Roskilde Festival. The presentation ends with an outline of possible projects in the future discussing the promises of the merger of genres as computer games and film and of technologies as Grid computing, GPS, large scale laser projections and, perhaps most importantly, augmented reality.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication date2006
    Place of PublicationRiga, Latvia
    Publication statusPublished - 2006

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