Theorizing the European union as Union as an International Security Provider: Actors, Processes, Outcomes & Impact

Annemarie Peen Rodt (Editor), Stefan Wolff (Editor), Richard Whitman (Editor)

Research output: Book/ReportAnthologyResearchpeer-review


This final paper will summarise the theoretical strands of the discussion in the preceding papers and reflect on the suitability of the analytical framework in the introduction in light of the empirical analysis by other contributors to the special issue. It will sketch out the main tenets of a theory of the EU as an international security provider and point to directions for further research in this area.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2 Apr 2015
SeriesGlobal Society

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Special Issue of Global Society, vol. 29/2 - 2015


  • EU
  • security provision
  • Common Foreign and Security Policy
  • security continuum
  • theory development

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