Tales and facts: Beowulf and Lejre

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Geochemical/palynological analysis of a core from Lake Kornerup (Lejre -Denmark) indicates, together with new archaeological discoveries that it is possible to compare the story of the Beowulf poem with the history of the terrain in the Lejre area. The main river at Lejre has been relocated.

In times gone by, we had expected that this relocation happened around 1300AD in connection with construction of watermills. Now new AMS14C datings of samples from Lake Kornerup clearly show that the relocation took place between 700 and 900 AD. As watermills were not known in Denmark at this time, it is tempting to compare the poem with the new archaeological discoveries, showing that at the same time as the course of the river shifted, the great Hall (Heorot) of Beowulf was abandoned - and moved 600 meters towards SSE. 



Original languageEnglish
JournalQuaternary International
Issue numberSupplement 1
Pages (from-to)368-369
Publication statusPublished - 2007
EventXVII INQUA Congress - Cairns, Queensland, Australia
Duration: 28 Jul 20073 Aug 2007


ConferenceXVII INQUA Congress
CityCairns, Queensland


  • geology
  • archaeology
  • vikings

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