Super colliders, double loop learning and domain spanning? Re-purposing innovation pedagogy for sociology

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This paper is an inquiry into how existing formats for teaching for innovation and entrepreneurship can work for the purpose of teaching for innovation in sociology. The search begins by looking to selected frameworks for teaching for entrepreneurship and political science/security management. These approaches have in common that they base their pedagogy on principles like reflexivity and cross-disciplinary collaboration, but also on assumptions of induction, invention and imagination. In contrast, the paper argues that innovation concepts which emphasize domain spanning, abduction, recombinant innovation, as well as what we can call human- and society centered innovation (design thinking) can be more relevant starting points for an innovation pedagogy which aims to clarify and substantiate the potential contribution of non-tech, non-business perspectives in innovation- and design processes. The paper then suggests both intensive and small scale teaching activities for sociology students based on these principles for teaching for innovation.
Original languageEnglish
JournalTeaching Sociology
Publication statusSubmitted - 2020
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