Special Issue: Commodifying Humanitarian Sentiments? The Black Box of The For-Profit and Non-Profit Partnership

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The contributions in this special issue further our understanding of the for-profit and non-profit partnership and the commodification of humanitarian sentiments to which it leads. First, they illuminate the power of universalizing management logics. Second, they illustrate the mechanisms by which local needs are overshadowed by global corporate strategies. Third, they demonstrate how the commodification of humanitarian sentiments often goes hand-in-hand with individualized and depoliticized approaches. As a way forward, the contributions emphasize the importance of accountability mechanisms and a specific framework is suggested for analyzing partnerships that keeps human needs, and not profit-making, in focus.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Sept 2021
SeriesWorld Development

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Special issue of World Development, vol. 145, september 2021.

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