Sexual Essays: Gender, Desire, and Nakedness

James Giles

Research output: Book/ReportBookResearchpeer-review


Through a series of interrelated essays, this book explores fundamental issues concerning gender, sexual and romantic attraction, sexual desire and fantasies, the sexual positions, age dysphoria, and the role of naked skin in human sexuality. It does so by exploring experiential, social, biological, and evolutionary aspects of sexual life. The author criticizes several popular views, rejecting both social constructionist accounts of gender and social constructionist and biological accounts of sexual desire. It is argued instead that gender roles and gender are often confused and that gender itself is based on sex. It is further argued that sexual desire is an existential need based on the experience of having a gendered body. A case study of age dysphoria is presented showing how the conclusions concerning concerning gender and desire apply in an atypical case. The body's fundamental role in sexuality is then demonstrated by an examination of the evolution and role of naked skin in human sexuality and
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationNew York, USA
PublisherHamilton Books
Number of pages138
ISBN (Print)987-0-7618-6889-7
ISBN (Electronic)978-0-7618-6890-3
Publication statusPublished - 1 Nov 2017

Bibliographical note

James Giles is external associate professor in psychology at Roskilde University.


  • gender
  • sexual attraction
  • sexual desire
  • sexual positions
  • age dysphoria
  • naked skin
  • hairlessness
  • evolution

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