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    This university was established in 1972, and problem-oriented project work (popw) was constituted as the educational core, meaning that students worked in groups on issues they chose through collective decisions. In the early years of the university, these student projects continued over several years, and were often related to democratic and organizational perspectives in society. In the Act for the university 1995 one can read that education has to be based on problem orientation, interdisciplinarity and organized with collective project work. This general educational model has  continued for 35 years. Over time, institutionalization has occurred as the university has grown in size.


    Today, instead of continued project issues and continued project work with internal progression over several years, half year projects are the rule at the bachelor level, thereafter often one year projects. The continued project issues are substituted by the establishment of departments and particular educational combinations, such as departments for business studies and administration. More issue-oriented education continues to exist on the grounds of the original issues, like environmental planning and communication, where several academic lines are integrated into one department and into one study specialisation that addresses a few professional situations like environmental planning or safety management.  Today, courses are organized as a general curriculum, up to 50 % of the time each semester, and the efficiency of teaching and other directed education (education into cultures including both theory and methodology), metascience, work techniques and general methodology, has been improved over the last 13 years.

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    EventLes universités nouvelles, XXe siècleMontréal, 22 au 24 octobre 2009Université du Québec à MontréalSalle des Boiseries (J-2805) - Montreal, Canada
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    ConferenceLes universités nouvelles, XXe siècleMontréal, 22 au 24 octobre 2009Université du Québec à MontréalSalle des Boiseries (J-2805)


    • New Universities in Canada, France, Belgium and Denmark

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