Lapsen arviointi: Hyväksyttävän subjektiviteetin rajat ja saksalaisen kriittisen teorian kokeilu

Translated title of the contribution: Child Assessments: The Limits of Acceptable Subjectivity and an experiment with German Critical Theory

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In Danish kindergartens and schools children are increasingly assessed and evaluated. Not only academic skills are scrutinized but also the children's personalities and behaviour. This is allegedly done for their own good - to protect the children from unbeneficial development or lack of development. However, such assessment practices can be viewed as ideological operations that guard society against unwanted aspects of human life, and as such they can tell us about the present limits to freedom in our society: What is feared and repressed and what is encouraged and cultivated? Foucauldian and social constructivist theory can help with such analyses, but with inspiration from German critical theory we may also be able comment more normatively on the present for assessing children's personalities and behaviour.
Translated title of the contributionChild Assessments: The Limits of Acceptable Subjectivity and an experiment with German Critical Theory
Original languageFinnish
Title of host publicationSuojeltu lapsuus? : Raportti Lapsuudentutkimuksen päiviltä 2011
EditorsEmma Aalto, Maarit Alasuutari, Tarja Heino, Tuuli Lamponen, Niina Rutanen
Number of pages5
VolumeRaportti 51/2011
Place of PublicationHelsinki
PublisherTampereen Yliopisto
Publication date2011
ISBN (Print)978-952-245-579-6
ISBN (Electronic)978-952-245-580-2
Publication statusPublished - 2011
Event4th Finnish Childhood Studies Conference: Protected childhood? - House of Science and Letters, Helsinki, Finland
Duration: 6 Jul 20118 Jul 2011
Conference number: 4


Conference4th Finnish Childhood Studies Conference
LocationHouse of Science and Letters


  • childhood, testing, assessement, critical theory

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