En fremdriftsstuderende? En analyse af studerendes subjektiveringsprocesser gennem fremdrift

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This thesis focuses on how university students’ are subjectified by a specific discourse on progress during their studies. The student’s subjectification is examined through a poststructuralistic approach inspired by Foucault's concepts of discourse, power of technologies and technologies of the self within governmentality. Additionally perspectives on neoliberal subjectification and concepts of policy-oriented time and subject-oriented time are included in order to examine how the focus on faster progress affects students. To investigate progress from the students’ perspective qualitative interviews with humanistic students have been made. The thesis argues that a discourse on progress affects the student's student life in different ways. In various ways the students’ internalize, challenge and negotiate a discourse about progress. At the same time students also subjectify in other discourses within the educational system which offer multiple subject positions as a university student. The study remarks how the student culture which the reform seeks to influence is complex as well as that the students' subjective processes are constituted by several other factors than just progress.
Original languageDanish
Number of pages76
Publication statusPublished - Sept 2016

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