Det faderløse samfund

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    Det faderløse samfund/The Fatherless Society deals with the loss of authority in the West, focusing on father-son-relationships and told through important cultural figures as Max Weber, Freud, Jung, Kafka - and the most subversive son of them all, the psychologist and anarkist Otto Gross.

    It is also deals with the current crisis of the welfare society in which has been forgotten how closely linked guilt, conscience and civilization are. In which it has also been forgotten that together we are a narrative, apart just mass. Modernity is a long fight to loose authority; but maybe authority is intact and the result of modernity not a free, autonomous person, but a serialized, programmed individual, which at best is free only to choose it's own therapy.

    Original languageDanish
    Place of PublicationKøbenhavn
    PublisherPeople's Press
    Number of pages483
    ISBN (Print)87-91812-90-9, 978-87-91812-90-3
    Publication statusPublished - 2006


    • fatherless society
    • authority
    • father-son-relationships
    • rights
    • obligations
    • conscience
    • guilt

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